15 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners to Try in 2022

When studying affiliate programs, everyone has the same goal - to earn income by increasing the flow of customers of any company. This is an ideal way to get active or passive income, using only your traffic source, basically all companies provide the necessary materials at the request of a partner. All that is needed for the success of a partner is the ability to attract an interested flow of customers.

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Highly Paid Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Affiliate programs of forex brokers are a great opportunity to make money on the development of the Forex industry. It's no secret that the popularity of Forex is now growing very rapidly around the world, and this is especially fast in Europe and Asia. So why not make money on it? Especially if you already have your own website, a page on a social network or just a blog with stable traffic, where you can recommend a specific broker and get rewarded for it.

Among online brokers, there are also best affiliate programs for beginners, thanks to which you can make easy profits based on personal preferences and capabilities of each.
Olymp Trade is a broker that has been operating for over five years. It is represented in more than 100 countries and has received dozens of international awards. The international platform for online trading Olymp Trade entered the financial market at the end of 2014.

Benefits of the Olymp Trade Affiliate Programme:

  • Regular income
  • Payment for registrations
  • Instant payouts
  • Advanced analytics system
  • The presence of a personal manager
  • Beautiful promotional materials

Start working with us and get from 50% to 60% of income from each client you register in MetaTrader 4. The broker's main income consists of commissions and spreads from clients trading various financial assets.

To become a member of the program, you need:

  • Place an affiliate link on your site or in an ad.
  • Attracted users click on a link, banner or ad and go to the broker's website.
  • New users register on the MetaTrader 4 platform and start trading.
  • Get up to 60% of all commissions paid from each referred user.

Payments are made by the 20th of every month for transactions paid by the advertiser, to the payment system chosen by the partner.
Commission rate: from 50% to 60% of income
Cookie duration: 30 days
Payment methods: Neteller, WebMoney, Skrill, bank transfer, VISA, Mastercard
Joining cost: Free
Plus500 is an online trading application for currencies, contracts for difference, commodities, indices, stocks. The platform is available in various versions: for PC, browser application, for IOS and Android. The target audience of the broker are traders over 18 years of age who are interested in trading currencies online. The Plus500 platform is very easy to use even for novice traders, but is a serious trading solution for advanced users as well.

A great way to make money with Plus500 is to use the Plus500 Affiliate Program. Companies use affiliate programs because these programs ensure that they can attract new customers effortlessly. Brokers only pay an affiliate when they actually represent the client.

Affiliate can promote Plus500 on a website they manage. It should be a website dedicated to investments or other money matters. After the partner creates an account in the Plus500 affiliate program, he can register his site. Plus500 checks all URLs that a partner adds. Promoting Plus500 is only allowed on Plus500 approved websites.

Plus500 has a compliance team that constantly ensures that all partners comply with the rules. The compliance team checks to see if all websites still comply with the rules.

Affiliates receive payouts only for experienced traders who, while trading, create a spread of $40 or more. It is profitable for this partner to attract already qualified clients in order to receive income from the affiliate program.
Commission rate: $200 to $800 (Depends on user's country)
Cookie duration: 30 days
Payment methods: Skrill, bank transfer
Joining cost: Free
Pocket Option, owned by Gembell Limited, entered the world of binary options trading in 2017 and has been making waves in the market ever since. The Marshall Islands-based International Financial Markets Regulatory Center (IFMRRC) regulates this broker.

Although binary options trading often gets a bad rap due to its high risk, Pocket Option is one of the most trusted brokers in the industry. Creating an account is easy and the platform is suitable for both new and experienced traders.

This affiliate program has many benefits, including:

  • Weekly payouts: The higher your profile status, the more often you can receive payouts.
  • Profit Sharing: Enhanced profit sharing system with passive long-term income.
  • Bonuses for FTD: Additional bonus system with payments for the first deposits of clients.
  • Net Turnover Commission: Earn commission based on the volume of trade your referrals generate. The larger the volume, the higher your income.
  • Free Participation Affiliate Contests: Earn extra commission and win amazing prizes for your performance.
  • Extensive promotional materials
  • Postbacks for automation
  • 24/7 support and assistance
  • Sub-affiliate program
  • Mobile apps and links

To become a Pocket Option partner, you need:

  • Register;
  • Attract more active clients;

Payments in this affiliate program occur weekly, every Monday, to such payment systems as: Neteller, OKPay, WebMoney, Yandex Money and Skrill.
Commission rate: 50 - 80%
Cookie duration: 6 to 12 months (depending on the terms of the affiliate programme)
Payment methods: OKPay, WebMoney, Neteller, Yandex Money and Skrill
Joining cost: Free
Online broker Quotex is a completely new trading platform, founded in 2020, which operates smoothly on the basis of modern technologies, offering trading in stocks, binary options, tokens - popular digital currency quotes, currency pairs, raw materials (metals, oil, gas).

A user-friendly interface, a wide range of assets, uninterrupted operation are certainly important facts, but not decisive ones. Excluding, of course, the last advantage - functioning without delays. The developers have tried to provide their clients with a fast and clear platform for trading.

The Quotex Affiliate Program contains several levels. At the beginning of each month, based on the results of the previous month, the company assigns a certain Level to each partner. It depends on the number of deposits made by traders referred by partners during the previous month. The higher the level of the partner, the higher the percentage of commission that he receives in the affiliate program. The starting level for all partners from the moment of registration is level 1 , which means that they will receive 50% of the platform's income based on the Revenue Share model.

By cooperating in this calculation model, the partner receives a percentage of the platform's profit for each trader he invites. Depending on the number of deposits made by all traders invited by the partner during the month, the partner receives one of seven levels. Levels are recalculated on the first day of each month based on the results of the previous month.

In case of a negative result of the platform, the affiliate commission will also be charged based on its level, minus the amount of its commission from the losing trade.

To become a Quotex affiliate, simply sign up for a free Quotex account and then promote your referral link.

Quotex offers the following conditions for its partners:

  • Detailed statistics
  • Quotex offers its partners detailed real-time statistics on their traffic and conversions. Affiliates can track their progress and see how much money they are earning with this program.
  • High affiliate commissions
  • Quotex offers some of the highest affiliate commissions in the industry. A partner can receive up to 80% of the platform profit from each attracted trader.
  • Large selection of deposit methods
  • The more traders can deposit using the method that suits them best, the more profit the partner will receive.
  • High conversion rate
  • Quotex has a high conversion rate, which means that more people who click on an affiliate link will sign up and start trading than on other platforms.
  • Regular commissions

Quotex pays its partners regular commissions. This means that the partner will continue to earn money from each attracted trader, even if he makes only one deposit.

The partner receives income through the following systems: AdvCash, Qiwi, Quotex electronic wallet, Bitcoin or a bank card.
Commission rate: 50-80%
Cookie duration: depending on the terms of the affiliate programme
Payment methods: AdvCash, Qiwi, Bitcoin, Quotex e-wallet or bank card
Joining cost: Free
The largest international broker IQ Option began its activity in 2014 and in a short period of time has become one of the leaders among companies providing CFD and binary options trading services around the world. Today it is one of the most popular platforms for earning money through trading, which provides clients with access to the markets for forex, cryptocurrencies, binary options, CFDs, etc. Thanks to the consistently high quality of service, favorable terms of cooperation, and the professionalism of technical support managers, today the number of IQ Option clients around the world is only increasing.

The world's leading broker IQ Option offers its partners one of the highest profit percentages. The affiliate will need to focus on their traffic and the broker will do the rest.

The affiliate program is available in 178 countries and has 50.6 million customers. Moreover, the number of affiliates is almost 130 thousand.

Why is this platform easy to get started with? If a potential partner has their own website, blog, or traffic, they can easily publish their affiliate link to these sources. When a user clicks on an affiliate link, IQ Option tags that particular user with your unique ID.

As soon as a user registers through an affiliate link on the IQ Option trading platform, he starts trading. The partner will receive up to 50% of the broker's income for this trader, or a fixed CPA payout of $165. Payments are made twice a month.
Commission rate: up to 50% of the broker's income
Cookie duration: unlimited
Payment threshold: $10 and up
Payment methods: Neteller, WebMoney, Advcash, Skrill, Perfect Money, Amaiz, Bitcoin, bank transfer
Joining cost: Free

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate programs are one of the most popular ways to make money online in 2022.

It is working with affiliate programs that allows webmasters to receive passive income for a long time. All you need is a web resource and an audience to which you can recommend something and get paid for it.

In most cases, you don't need to have your own website to make money. There are other ways to get traffic - a page on social networks, traffic arbitrage and others. Choose options from the list of best affiliate marketing programs for beginners and earn!
The Amazon Associates program is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world and helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With millions of products and programs available on Amazon, employees use simple link building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations and earn from related purchases and programs.

To become a member of the Amazon Associates Partner Program, you must complete the following steps:

  • Website owners create an Amazon Affiliate account on the platform.
  • Amazon provides each website owner with a unique Associate ID.
  • After the application is approved, employees can start building affiliate links on their Amazon portal.
  • Partners then place links in blog posts or other parts of their website.
  • As soon as someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the partner receives a commission.

Amazon Associates are paid by direct deposit. The partner will automatically receive the funds to their bank account. In addition, he can receive an Amazon gift card or a check in the mail.
Commission rate: up to 10%
Cookie duration: 4 hours or depending on the terms of the affiliate programme
Payment methods: Bank account
Joining cost: Free
ClickBank is a global e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace founded in 1998. The company has over six million customers worldwide, making it the 87th largest online retailer in North America. ClickBank is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc.

Registration on the site is absolutely free. Unlike other platforms where it is mandatory to have your own website or a large number of social media followers, anyone can register with clickbank.

Clickbank is a digital marketplace application designed for online marketer. This allows merchants and manufacturers to connect to this affiliate network and earn money from their commercial and personal websites. Thanks to this, partners can look for suppliers and their product to promote in the market.

For every sale a seller makes, they earn a commission. Even sellers had the opportunity to expand their business by promoting other products. By working with this platform, you will gain knowledge and experience from both sides of the line. Whether you are a trader or a merchant, you can make money efficiently.
Commission rate: up to 75%
Cookie duration: 24 hours or depending on the terms of the affiliate programme
Payment methods: PayPal
Joining cost: Free
Founded over 20 years ago in Santa Barbara, California, CJ Affiliate is one of the largest and oldest affiliate networks in the world. Specializes in pay-for-performance programs and is part of Fortune 500 Alliance Data Systems.

Joining the Commission Junction affiliate program is free.
However, an affiliate must be at least 18 years old and have a website in order to register as a seller. If a partner is using a new website with little traffic, they need to be careful. Publishers who do not receive results within the first 6 months may be deactivated.

Affiliates get paid via direct deposit, check or Payoneer. CJ Affiliate will pay out within 20 days of the end of the month if the minimum payment threshold is $50 (Direct Deposit) or $100 (Check). Affiliate income from multiple programs will be combined into one account.

To become a CJ partner, you need to register an account. Upon registration, the partner will be immediately redirected to the CJ Account Manager, a dashboard containing important information such as network statistics, performance summary, and messages.
Commission rate: Individual for each partner
Cookie duration: 120-day cookies
Payment methods: direct deposit, check or Payoneer
Payment threshold: at least $50
Joining cost: Free
The eBay Affiliate Network is eBay's affiliate marketing program. By signing up and sharing your listings outside of eBay, an affiliate can increase their earnings, diversify their income streams, and even earn final value commission credit when their item is shared and sold.

If an affiliate generates traffic on eBay and a buyer makes a qualifying transaction with one of the products, the affiliate receives a commission and incentive credit to offset the final cost of the sale. For all other Qualifying Transactions, the Partner may receive a commission of up to 4% of the item's sale price.

The eBay Affiliate Network pays commissions once a month and is paid on the 10th of the month for the month preceding the previous month. You can choose to receive payment via wire transfer or PayPal. Payments are made every month for the previous one.
Commission rate: up to 4% of profit
Cookie duration: 24 hours or depending on the terms of the affiliate programme
Payment methods: PayPal, EFT
Payment threshold: from 10$
Joining cost: Free
ShareASale is like a marketplace - they serve both sellers and promoters. With over 3,900 merchants, on-time payments, and fast support, ShareASale ranks among the most trusted affiliate programs.

Online reviews of Shareasale are generally positive. While there is a learning curve involved with affiliate marketing lead placement and context, Shareasale is considered a reliable source of online affiliate income.

To get started with Shareasale, an affiliate needs to start the registration process. Next, you need to provide detailed information about the website, including its URL and main language. It's worth noting that an affiliate needs an active website to use Shareasale - make sure the site is up and running before applying. The next step is to verify your email address.

To complete the application process, the partner needs to select a payment method. Shareasale does not use PayPal, but offers payment via ACH or physical check.

As with many other affiliate networks, the payment frequency is Net-20, a popular process where payment is received within 20 days of the end of the month. This payment method is widely known among users. Transactions are made by direct deposit and paper check.
Commission rate: up to 55%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Payment methods: ACH, physical check
Payment threshold: from $50
Joining cost: Free

Affiliates of various niches

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable businesses on the internet. A low entry threshold, the ability to earn from anywhere in the world, high margins with the right approach - all this makes the affiliate marketing industry attractive. One of the factors of high profitability of this business is the right niche. Choose the best affiliate programs for beginners for yourself and become an affiliate right now to earn income.
The NordVPN service allows you to connect to over 4,400 servers in over 62 countries. It protects your internet data with military-grade encryption, ensures your web activity remains private, and helps you bypass geo-restricted content on the internet.

The first thing an affiliate needs to do is register with Daisycon. Once an affiliate has access to Daisycon and the campaign, they will have access to banners and link materials. Next, you need to place these links or banners on the site. For each redirected visitor who makes a transaction, the partner receives a commission.

Commission rates are among the best in the industry. Affiliate earnings depend on the subscription plan ordered by each referred client.
New registration
Subscription term
1 month
6 months
1 year
2 years
Payments are made monthly, to the system that the user prefers: credit card, google pay, crypto wallets, PayPal.
Commission rate: from 40%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Payment methods: credit card, google pay, crypto wallets, PayPal
Payment threshold: from $50
Joining cost: Free
Canva is a cross-platform graphic design service founded in 2013. Creating images in the service is based on the principle of dragging ready-made elements and varying changeable templates.

Every platform, from blogging and email marketing to social media and YouTube, has its own unique opportunities to increase affiliate sales. All of these can be used if you want to become a Canva partner.

The Canva Affiliate Program is available to anyone who meets one of the following categories:

  • Design influence. Associate blogger or content creator who is actively involved in the design community.
  • Design teacher.
  • The partner has a large audience. With over 1 million visits per month, the partner site is all about design, from stock photos to fonts.

For each new referral your partner brings to Canva Pro, you can earn 80% commission for the first two months of the subscription and 25% for the annual subscription. Payments occur once a month via Paypal or wire transfer
Commission rate: up to 80%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Payment methods: Paypal, wire transfer
Joining cost: Free
GetResponse is a comprehensive all-in-one online marketing platform that offers powerful and simple tools for sending emails, creating websites, webinars and automating all marketing.

The exclusive affiliate marketing platform provides all the tools, content and sales guidance you need to create successful affiliate campaigns. As a GetResponse Partner, you can combine these platforms and create your own affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Payments are conveniently processed through Paypal, which means that anyone can join the program, no matter where in the world they are based and running their business.
Commission rate: 33%
Cookie duration: 120 days
Payment methods: PayPal
Payment threshold: from $50
Joining cost: Free
Dreamhost is a hosting company that provides excellent international service. It is characterized by a great price that allows you to administer with cPanel-like software and a specialization in WordPress.

Becoming a DreamHost partner is not difficult at all. The simple registration process only takes a couple of minutes.

  1. You need to visit the official DreamHost affiliate program page to get an overview.
  2. Provide your full name, email address and other required information.
  3. Create a password to register in the affiliate program.

Absolutely anyone can become a DreamHost partner. The company has partnered with Ambassador, so creating an account is quick and easy. The company pays any approved commissions via PayPal once a month.

The DreamHost affiliate program has three preferred payment methods.

  1. Through a check
  2. PayPal (Minimum balance required is $20 plus you pay 5% as transaction fee)
  3. Hosting loan

The partner has the opportunity to earn from $50 to $200 from each successful sale. For shared hosting, $50 from a successful sale and $200 from a dedicated hosting sale will be credited. As sales increase, so does the commission per sale, giving you unlimited earning potential.
Commission rate: up to $200 per sale
Cookie duration: 30 days
Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Hosting Credit
Payment threshold: from $20
Joining cost: Free
TripAdvisor is an American travel website. Gives its users the opportunity to plan a trip to any country in the world. The site's services are free for users who create most of the content, and the site is supported by ads.

The Trip Advisor Partner Program allows partners to use the TripAdvisor brand to create content, create a steady stream of guests and generate revenue, while accessing 795 million helpful reviews on 1.4 million properties.

For this affiliate program, it is not important that the site of a potential partner has a lot of traffic. The company pays attention to the overall appearance of the site and decide if it is suitable for the program. Trip Advisor reserves the right to reject sites that appear to be inconsistent with the brand.

When joining TripAdvisor, you can choose one of two partners, and depending on this, AWIN or Commission Junction will pay directly for the commissions received through the affiliate program. The Partner will pool the total commissions each Publisher earns each month from all advertisers the Publisher works with, and if this amount exceeds the minimum payout, the Partner will send the Publisher a check or initiate a direct deposit in the currency specified by the Publisher.

Payment methods also depend on the two affiliate networks. For AWIN and Commission Junction, payment methods are international bank transfer, direct deposit, check.
Commission rate: 50%
Cookie duration: 2 weeks
Payment methods: international bank transfer, direct deposit, check
Joining cost: Free
The best affiliate program is the one that suits you and brings consistently high income. If you're just starting out, don't make the classic rookie mistake: don't expect fast, big money. Earnings on affiliate programs in the UK are the same as on any other job. Again, this type of income is best for those who can build an audience.

The most important thing when choosing an affiliate program is to choose an offer that suits your needs and to decide on the topic of your choice. Having a financial website might not always drive traffic to entertainment, rather it is a suitable topic for attracting traders to online brokerage platforms.

Consider making the decision to become an affiliate now, in order to have a passive or active income in the future.


What is the largest affiliate network?

The largest and oldest affiliate network in the world is CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction. The network allows its partners to earn 1.8 billion dollars a year and is a partner for more than 14 billion people.

Can newbies do affiliate marketing?

There are a huge number of different affiliate programs that are available for beginners. In order to join them, you only need to have a blog, a website even with little traffic, or a social network. In addition, affiliate programs organize support by managers for their partners.

What is the difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network?

An affiliate program has no control over you and lowers costs, an affiliate network has higher running costs and offers less control over your marketing strategy.
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