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How we attracted 16,583 clients to Exness
in 2023 and earned $538K in partner commissions

To attract paying users to Exness.
Creating and developing a grid of SEO sites for 25 countries in 11 languages.
Acquired 16,583 clients in 2023, which generated $33 billion in trading turnover for Exness and $538,196 in affiliate commissions for us.
Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs

How we did it

  • STEP 1
    Deployed 25 websites in 3 months, adapted for 25 countries in 11 languages
    Each website was meticulously adapted to the specific demands of its regional audience, ensuring compliance with cultural nuances and linguistic preferences. The implementation of this localization strategy was instrumental in optimizing user engagement and enhancing search engine efficacy, resulting in a marked increase in regional traffic and improved user retention metrics.
Offer for Brokers
3 reasons why our sites topped
the charts
  • 1
    Our websites describe in detail the nuances of working with the platform and respond to Google queries from residents of a particular country. In one country, even our partner broker recommends our website as a quality source of information about the platform. There is no better information available in the language of that country.
  • 2
    Our team has 15+ years of experience in SEO and 6+ years of experience in SEO for FinTech
  • 3
    We work with a love of detail and in a positive atmosphere of explorers and experimenters.
  • STEP 2
    We got 586,399 clicks
Offer for Brokers

Want the same?

We are ready to create a similar project for you. You need to allocate a budget to launch a grid of SEO sites by our team.

Then we will reinvest the commission received from the affiliate program into traffic development for you.

We are interested in long-term partnerships.