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How we attracted 16,583 paying clients to Exness
in 2023 and earned $538K in partner commissions

To attract paying users to Exness
Create, translate, and SEO-optimize 30 local websites for 30 countries
gained 16,583 paying clients
in 2023, who brought Exness
$XXXK in payouts, and for us $538K in partner commissions
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How we did it

  • Step 1. Deployed 30 websites in 3 months, adapted for 30 countries
    Each website was meticulously adapted to the specific demands of its regional audience, ensuring compliance with cultural nuances and linguistic preferences. The implementation of this localization strategy was instrumental in optimizing user engagement and enhancing search engine efficacy, resulting in a marked increase in regional traffic and improved user retention metrics.
Affiliate Program
5 reasons why our sites topped the charts
  • 1
    Our websites are professionally designed for utmost clarity to users and are strategically aimed at fulfilling the specific needs of our audience in the countries we serve. In Brazil, even official partners recommend our site (link to proof).
  • 2
    By employing advanced SEO strategies, we have secured superior positions in brand-specific search results, with our sites ranking above the official Exness website.
  • Step 2. Over the next three months, gathered XXX thousand visitors by country
Affiliate Program
Cost-effectiveness and ROMI for the collected sites were
Affiliate Program
Retention and profitability of the attracted customers for 6 months were
Affiliate Program

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