Binomo Affiliate Program Review
BinPartner in 2022

What is Binomo?

What is Binomo?
Binomo is a binary options broker that has been operating since 2014. The company pursues a client-oriented policy - it provides loyal trading conditions, advanced analytical services and its own convenient platform.

Binomo was founded in 2014 and is owned by Dolphin Corp based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. With over 887,470 daily active traders and over 30,000,000 successful trades per week, Binomo is one of the largest brokers. Since May 2018, Binomo has been a category "A" member of the International Financial Commission, an independent organization for the resolution of disputes arising in the financial markets.

The high quality of the company's services is proven by its arsenal of "Broker of the Year" (Air Awards 2016) and "Best Broker for Beginners" (Forex Expo Awards 2015) awards. Binomo clients are traders from 133 countries.

Binomo trading options is a rather serious step for a trader who decides to cooperate with the company, they have virtually unlimited potential for earning. In the UK, the main key to success is choosing a trading platform and Binomo is the platform you should look into:
  • progressive terminal (unparalleled on the market);
  • profitable terms;
  • useful service;
  • reliable regulation;
  • instant customer support;
  • a large selection of instruments (shares, CFDs, cryptocurrency trading).
All this speaks of the impressiveness of the company, the prospects and convenience of the platform.
Binomo’s own platform, which is considered one of the best on the market, implements the most advanced technologies, professional tools are available to help conduct a full-fledged analysis of asset dynamics, and high speed of order execution. This eliminates the need to use third-party services and makes working on the platform comfortable. Moreover, in addition to all the advantages described above, Binomo seamlessly withdraws the profits earned by traders. The maximum withdrawal period is only 24 hours!
Binomo The company's platform
The company's platform, which does not need to be installed on a computer, has a pleasant design, advanced functionality: changing the type of chart, expiration type, selecting assets and studying information on them, adding indicators and graphic elements, etc. It is easy and simple for the client to understand the principle of the site, understand its capabilities, then you can immediately place bets and make a profit. The terminal is aimed at both market beginners and professional traders, who will be comfortable enough to be here. You can immediately study the latest market news, analytics of company employees, watch high-quality webinars.
Binomo feature rich platform
With its feature rich platform, Binomo proves that the developers have taken the time to evaluate and integrate the most important elements for Binomo traders.

Just like its competitors, the platform has some advantages:

  • Regulated by: IFC (International Financial Commission);
  • The minimum deposit is only 10 dollars;
  • The minimum transaction amount starts from 1 dollar;
  • There is a function of mobile trading;
  • Possible trade on weekends;
  • Variety of assets: CFDs, commodities, indices and currency pairs;
  • Availability of a demo account.

Binomo Affiliate Program Overview

This programme allows partners in the UK to generate income by attracting a new stream of clients. This broker has an affiliate programme called BinPartner, which is one of the most functional affiliate programmes.

This program allows you to attract traders to the platform and earn extra money based on their trading activity.

Binomo affiliate program review, allows you to get acquainted with many benefits, such as:
  • Individual approach to each partner
  • Qualified support specialists who are always ready to help via chat or email.
  • Large selection of useful promotional materials
  • Individual promotional materials for the partner's site
  • RevShare up to 70%
  • Commission at the expense of the company
  • Unique promotional materials upon request
  • 5% referral program for partners
  • CPA \ CPL available
BinPartner, has the reputation of being the best affiliate program, offering excellent quality of service and being called the best affiliate program compared to other brokers you can find. The program of this broker differs by a number of factors. Some of them are listed below:
  • Lifetime commissions
    One of the most important things an affiliate gets from a broker is lifetime commissions. This is because he uses the RevShare system where the partner earns when his referrals trade. With BinPartner, affiliates only need to do the work of a referral once, after which they start earning for a lifetime.
  • Simple and fast payouts
    In addition, the BinPartner program offers easy and fast payouts. Affiliates are paid what they earn at least twice a month (i.e. every two weeks). It's not only fast, but also simple. Affiliates are paid through a variety of options including Skrill, WebMoney and many more.
  • High payout percentage
    The percentage of the partner's referral deposit that is paid to him is relatively high. Binomo pays affiliates up to 70% of the deposit amount sent to the trader.
  • Hybrid affiliate system
    The broker does not use only one affiliate system. He manages the CPA, CPL systems as well as RevShare. So, no matter which part an affiliate chooses, they can still earn extra money as an affiliate.
  • Personal support
    This program has dedicated affiliate managers whose goal is to succeed as affiliates of the company. The company also provides you with exclusive promotional materials to help you make your job easier.

Pros & Cons

Like every affiliate program, BinPartner has its advantages and disadvantages compared to its competitors. Binomo affiliate review allows you to get acquainted with each of them.
Independent choice of a program model from the proposed options or participation in several at once.
The minimum withdrawal of funds starting from 10 dollars.
Exclusive promotional materials for each partner, promotional materials, banners, etc
Not a large selection of payment systems for withdrawal (it is possible to negotiate individually).
Possibility of individual payment methods.
Making a profit every 2 weeks.
Fast response support.
Favorable conditions when choosing an affiliate model.
  • Independent choice of a program model from the proposed options or participation in several at once.
  • Exclusive promotional materials for each partner, promotional materials, banners, etc
  • Possibility of individual payment methods.
  • Making a profit every 2 weeks.
  • Fast response support.
  • Favorable conditions when choosing an affiliate model.
  • The minimum withdrawal of funds starting from 10 dollars.
  • Not a large selection of payment systems for withdrawal (it is possible to negotiate individually).

How much can you earn with an affiliate?

Binpartner How much can you earn with an affiliate?
There are many types of affiliate programs, their main difference is manifested in the form of payment:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) payment occurs after performing any action specified in the agreement with the affiliate program.
  • RevShare pays for advertising on the Internet, in which the company pays a percentage of the income from working with the attracted client for the entire time of cooperation with him.
  • CPL pricing model on the Internet, where the company pays for registration from a client interested in the company's offer.
BinPartner provides its partners with the above program models to choose from, each of them has its own advantages. When choosing the best model for himself, the partner must prioritize and weigh all his options. You can also work with several models at the same time.

Together with this affiliate program, the affiliate has no income barriers, the affiliate can receive as much profit as he can perform the work. Earnings are 2% of the cost of each transaction that the attracted trader opens, in accordance with the payment model chosen by the affiliate.
The CPA tariff for novice partners will become more convenient, on this model, payments are made for the first deposit of the user. The amount depends on the amount of replenishment and starts from $20.
From the RevShare model, the partner can receive up to 70% of the profit, in accordance with the contract. The partner receives a reward depending on the number of registrations and deposits through his link.
In the CPL model, payments are made for registering a new user within the affiliate program. This option is rarely chosen, so you can switch to it only with the help of a personal manager.
In addition, do not forget about the existence of a referral program that will bring the partner 5% of the total income of each sub-partner.

Wallets for payouts

Payment for work performed can be made through the following payment service providers:

  • Webmoney,
  • Skrill,
  • Yandex money,
  • Neteller,
  • Epiments,
  • Bank transfers.

If none of the listed options suits the partner, then he can contact the support service and this issue will be considered on an individual basis.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, for all payment service providers except Skrill and Neteller, for these wallets the minimum withdrawal amount is $200.

How to join BinPartner?

To become a BinPartner partner, you need to follow the following simple instructions:
  • Sign up for an affiliate program (fill in the required data and create a login)
  • Contact affiliate program suppor
  • Use tips to improve conversions and get sta
  • Use the various materials provided to attract interested traders on your website, blog, etc.
  • Enjoy a great job and a good income
All you need to become an affiliate is traffic sources. It is not necessary to have a website, you can use any legitimate means of attracting customers, such as arbitrary traffic, social networks and much more.

The partner has access to any means of attracting traders, and the main sources of traffic are:
  • Thematic sites
  • Social media
  • Video portals
  • Contextual advertising
  • Advertising networks
  • Forums
  • Unique ideas
To attract traders, as a rule, thematic sites are best suited, where you can find information about online trading, ratings and reviews of brokers, analytical articles and other similar content. A partner will always be able to create a new site if he has the right opportunities.

How To Promote Binomo Affiliate Program?

The path of promotion depends on the chosen model of the program:
This model allows the affiliate to be a step up by doing much more than just sending emails and other contact details to the broker. The bottom line is actually attracting a client to trade with a broker.

It is worth noting that what qualifies as a "Lead" for a particular broker is different from what qualifies as a "Lead" for another. For some brokers, it is enough to get a referral to complete the entire registration process in order to qualify for the title of Lead. Thus, the partner will receive a reward. For others, partners must actually get a referral to deposit funds into their trading account with a broker.
This means that the CPL model may require a lot of effort and attract professional traders to the trading floor.
This model is a form of affiliate marketing where a company only pays when the referred customers take certain actions. That is, in this case, the requirement for the affiliate's clients to perform is to perform a certain action. Such actions may include sending an email, participating in a survey, subscribing to a newsletter, and more.

In the case of a broker, such “action” may include filling out a registration form to register with the broker, sending emails, or signing up for a webinar hosted by the broker.
CPA marketing may seem like the simplest form of affiliate marketing and, as such, the least paid. After all, the essence is to attract the attention of interested potential customers, with whom professionals work further.
This affiliate program model can be an offshoot of the above systems and can be very beneficial for the affiliate. Many brokers are introducing the RevShare system to attract more partners. Essentially, RevShare entails that the affiliate is paid a portion of the income that the broker earns from referrals over a period of time - in some cases, for life. Hence, when an affiliate refers people to trade with a broker, and they do, the affiliate can earn from them as long as they continue to trade.

After choosing an affiliate program model, you must follow the following points in order to competently promote BinPartner:

  • Register in the affiliate program
  • Discuss the action plan with the manager
  • Competently place advertising materials on the partner's source
  • If necessary, order individual materials from the company
  • Improve, if necessary, the source of traffic (to select the best customers)
  • Connect referral program
  • Analyze your attraction rates with the help of special programs from the broker
  • Get profit from work.


In the modern world, it is becoming more and more popular to participate in affiliate programs. This is a fairly simple and profitable way to get income, for which you do not need to procure materials, brokers provide everything necessary for the work of their partners.

This affiliate program is very profitable and fair, especially for affiliates with good traffic. The partners of the Binomo broker receive high payouts, which are higher than those of most competitors, this can be seen from the income share, which reaches 70%.

The online broker provides the referred clients with quality services, and thanks to this, partners can make a profit for life. There are no disadvantages for the user if he uses an affiliate referral link.

Join BinPartner and get the desired income right now. Become a partner of one of the best affiliate programs among brokers.

Join BinPartner and get the desired income right now. Become a partner of one of the best affiliate programs among brokers.

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